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What's your grand vision for India in the year 2030?

What core values must we have?,What should our ideologies be?,What policies should be in place?


We are pleased to announce the GovernEye usernames of #India2030Contest winners. Congratulations to you all. Please follow the instructions at the end of this list to complete the formalities. Thank you!

Grand Prize: Rs. One Lakh

1. phoenix95

Second Prize: Rs. Twenty Five Thousand (each)

1. Lavanyaaa

2. Kartik11

Third Prize: Rs. Ten Thousand (each)

1. abhishek1818

2. KeshavMalu

3. dbmukhekar

4. Ravinapatil

5. HarshPandya

Consolation Prize: 10 min video call with an MP (each)

1. Ryaz

2. ashapoornima

3. Easther

4. Ashokdahmiwal

5. Janmejay

6. AbhiN

7. AbhinayRatrey

8. DemocraticGG

9. Hitasha14

10. mehtamadonna

Next steps:

A) Please email us at with the following by January 12th, 2020.

1. Your username
2. Your mobile number
3. A copy of your PAN Card
4. A copy of your cancelled cheque (for cash prize winners only)

B) We will follow up with you to verify true ownership of your username by January 31st, 2020.

C) We will release prize monies to winners by end of February 2020. We will also arrange video calls with MPs by end of February 2020.

D) Please do not delete your winning entry before February 15th, 2020 else you shall be disqualified.

E) TDS certificate will be emailed to you by the end of May 2020.