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Please scroll below to know the winners of the Covid Safety Ideas contest.

Thank you everyone for participating,We hope you all stay safe

Winners of 2020

We wish to thank everyone who participated in the Covid Safety Ideas contest. There were over 30,000 entries and a lot of them were very well-written with great suggestions. Our judges had a difficult time in selecting the winners.

After a lot of analysis and discussions, the following three users have been declared as winners:

1. geetasharma

2. swadeshi1998

3. mangalG

Congratulations to the winners for the prize of Rs. 10,000. You will find a code in your notifications tab that you need to email us to authenticate your identity, after which we'll request you to provide your banking details.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and taking all precautions against covid. Thanks.

Winners of 2019

These are the GovernEye usernames of winners.

Grand Prize: Rs. One Lakh

1. phoenix95

Second Prize: Rs. Twenty Five Thousand (each)

1. Lavanyaaa

2. Kartik11

Third Prize: Rs. Ten Thousand (each)

1. abhishek1818

2. KeshavMalu

3. dbmukhekar

4. Ravinapatil

5. HarshPandya

Consolation Prize: 10 min video call with an MP (each)

1. Ryaz

2. ashapoornima

3. Easther

4. Ashokdahmiwal

5. Janmejay

6. AbhiN

7. AbhinayRatrey

8. DemocraticGG

9. Hitasha14

10. mehtamadonna

Winners of 2018

Twitter Username Prize Amount
mahtab1900 5000
reenagupta0091 5000
iamsrushti_n 5000
beastsourav 5000
hidevanshu 5000
soulful_sowju 5000
bliss_berri 5000
sidhdharthsoni 5000
ramyavellanki 5000
Chandansahoo378 5000
aproposHeist 5000
darshshelatkar 5000
suruchi_mehta3 5000
kiranmai_1234 5000
thesarcastjerk 5000
onlyprathamesh 5000
ashurocksssss 5000
praveen3a 10,000
misty_basu 10,000
ikanchangodwan 10,000
ankibn 10,000
deepadhan 10,000
princess_anshu 10,000
anuragalive 10,000
ramprasad43 10,000
itzzmesush 10,000
amankhajanchi 10,000
itzmevij 10,000
joyal_patel 10,000
kirtibasal 1,05,000